Tornado Preparedness

Be prepared! Tornadoes generally spawn from thunderstorms, though they have been known to occur without the presence of lightning. The United States has the highest incidence of tornadoes worldwide, with more than 1,000 occurring every year. Tornadoes are more prevalent from April through July, with May and June being the peak months. But like thunderstorms, tornadoes can form any time of year. The area in which tornadoes are most prevalent is known as “tornado alley”, typically defined as the region from Texas north to Nebraska. But, of course, tornadoes can and do occur in every state in the country.


Allied Universal would like to share the following resources to help guide your efforts to ensure the safety of your employees, and your family, during extreme weather and disaster situations.

Security Awareness Tips


Security’s Role in Disaster Planning
Emergency planning, disaster response and crisis management require a mix of training, practice and experience. Your security provider should play an important role in preparing for the unexpected. 
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Other Resources


Weather Alerts

Register to receive severe weather alerts on your cell phone for your local area from The Weather Channel.