Security in Assisted Living Environments - Find the Right Solution

Specialized Staff for Specialized Needs

Short and long-term healthcare centers, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living environments present unique security challenges. Are you getting a solution tailored to your needs and requirements? Is your program flexible enough to adjust to changes in mandated requirements as well as social, economic and environmental impacts? Do you have the tools in place to stay current and relevant in today’s healthcare environment?

Engaging the right security partner is critical for maintaining a secure environment in your healthcare facility. Use the evaluation below to help determine if your security staff or contracted partner are meeting your needs in the following areas: 


  • Security officers are selected and screened for their ability to show compassion for your residents, staff and visitors.

  • Candidates are matched to job functions and requirements.

  • The recruiting philosophy aligns with your mission and values.

  • Open positions are filled quickly with qualified, trained personnel.


  • Security officers are trained to be sensitive to your environment and respectful of your residents and guests.

  • The security staff receives comprehensive on-the-job training that covers the unique challenges of your environment.

  • Healthcare-specific ongoing and regular refresher training is being offered.

  • Security staff members are versed in contending with elopement, cultural diversity, OSHA, HIPAA and other regulatory laws and standards.

  • The security team is up-to-date on audit procedures and regulations and is comfortable working with accrediting bodies. 


  • The security team is responsible for tasks such as visitor management, bag checks, access control and valuables pick up and release.

  • Maintaining a safe environment is a priority and security has a foundation in fire safety, preventing slips, trips and falls, and is familiar with OSHA regulations.

  • Various technology options and solutions are available to you to enhance your facility’s security and operations.

  • Your security team has the expertise and experience to share best practices with you and stays up-to-date on industry changes.

  • Your security team has the manpower and knowledge to handle emergencies and has contingency plans at the ready. 

Customer Service and Quality Assurance

  • Your security team is an extension of your brand and represents your facility in a way you desire.

  • Regular business and program reviews are conducted and key performance areas are measured.

  • Security maintains a welcoming presence – for residents and their families – and contributes positively to your residents’ satisfaction scores.

  • Your security team understands your mission and goals, and provides solutions that help you focus on your core responsibilities.

  • When your security team understands the nuances of healthcare security and has experience in your environment, you and your residents, staff and visitors will benefit from best practices and customized solutions that enhance your brand and exceed your expectations.