School Safety Insight Series Part 3: Does Your Facility Know About The Latest Technologies To Mitigate Threats?

As threats continue to rise, critical threat intelligence can get lost in the ever-increase volume of information we face every day. This School Safety Insight Series video focuses on strategies to better identify, analyze, understand, and leverage actionable intelligence to mitigate real-world threats to your school community.
Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the significance of actionable intelligence: the importance of converting raw information into actions that can be utilized to mitigate threats
  • Addressing information overload: ensuring that critical threat intelligence is not overlooked or lost in the process 
  • Implementing proactive monitoring systems: that can detect and alert school authorities about potential threats
  • Incorporating the latest technologies: leveraging data analytics and proactive monitoring systems, to identify and mitigate threats effectively

Our School Safety Insight Series topics include:

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