A rising star experiences rising risks

Being a public figure is not all glam and glitz.

It sometimes comes with real threats that require a security plan and a skilled close protection team.


The challenge: Client needs exposure, but not to POIs

Our client, a famous celebrity, was experiencing uncomfortable situations in which several admirers were making inappropriate overtures, sending her intimate gifts, and showing up at her residence.

One identified person of interest (POI) appeared at an invitation-only event that the client also attended. We believe he used fake credentials to gain access to the event.

As she had an important meeting at the event that she could not reschedule, it was not an option for our client to leave the event.


The solution: Heightened awareness without all the fuss

Because Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services close protection team was aware of the POI prior to the event, they already had plans in place to mitigate any situation.

The team lead suggested that the safest solution would be to leave the venue. But since there was no immediate danger and the POI was identified and under observation, we deferred the decision to the client. She opted to stay for her meeting but agreed to leave as soon as she could thereafter.

Our team kept a close eye on the movements of the POI and our client to ensure their paths did not intersect. The POI’s hands and general behavior were closely monitored for any suspicious activity. When the client’s meeting concluded, our team had her vehicle waiting in a secure location. Discreetly and without causing a scene, our client was escorted out of the venue.


The results: Just another evening

Our client finished her meeting, maintained her public persona and stayed safe although the POI was at the event. No one was the wiser. Then, we got her out safely.

Success came when our client said, “Thank you,” and moved on with her night. She updated her Twitter feed to show off her dress and attended several other social functions that evening.