Retail Security Officers in Action

Going Above and Beyond While Providing Impeccable Customer Service

The nature of malls, and volume of people who frequent them, requires well-trained security teams to maintain safe environments. Security officers help to provide emergency medical assistance, prevent crime and deescalate tense situations, all while providing impeccable customer service. Following is a sampling of what our retail security officers encounter on a daily basis and their above and beyond response that helps keep shopping malls safe…

  • In the Central region, one of our security officers encountered a young woman who was very upset while speaking on the phone. The security officer overheard her saying she was suicidal and retail_security_officers_in_actionwanted to kill herself. After the woman hung up, our security officer tactfully approached and asked to help. They talked and prayed before our security officer asked if he could call the police. She consented and he continued to talk with her until the police arrived and the woman received treatment. The security officer’s sensitivity and genuine concern for another individual are commendable.

  • Two security officers at a Northwest region mall were investigating a car alarm. They encountered two individuals trying to shut the alarm off… by disconnecting the car battery. The security officers contacted police who ran the license plate and discovered that the car was stolen. Although police were en route, security remained vigilant. They continued surveillance and were able to guide responding law enforcement directly to the men who had entered the mall. An arrest was made because of the security’s initiative and collaboration with local police.

  • At a Southeast region mall, a call to security resulted in life-saving action. A young lady reported that her grandmother was choking in the food court. The security officer who received that call immediately contacted EMS and dispatched a security officer to the food court. Upon arrival, the security officer discovered that the elderly woman was semi-conscious and not breathing – and he quickly put his training to work. He placed the lady on the ground, laying her on her side and gave her three sharp blows to the back, which dislodged the object in her throat. She then began breathing on her own. EMS soon arrived and the woman made a speedy recovery.

  • In the Central region, a security officer spotted a suspected shoplifter pushing a child on one of the mall Kiddie Cruisers. Loss prevention reported that they believed the merchandise was concealed in the Kiddie Cruiser. The woman was leaving the mall and our security officer continued to observe from a distance. When she took her child from the Cruiser, our security officer approached and asked if he could return the Cruiser. He saw the merchandise and asked if it was hers. The woman quickly denied knowledge of the merchandise, got into her car and departed. The security officer inventoried the items and all were returned thanks to his commitment to seeing the situation through to resolution.

No matter the situation, security officers are often the first responders who take quick action to save people and protect property. There’s no telling what can happen on any day, but security officers are trained to respond. Malls require a vigilant eye, and a well-trained mind to ensure the safety and security of all patrons.