Quality Campus Security Insured Via Account Manager Role


A nationally recognized investment firm’s Investment Services Center in Colorado made the decision to double the size of its corporate campus which meant security needed to adjust quickly to accommodate the larger facility size. Transitioning to a larger corporate campus meant they would need to not only double the level of security personnel post-construction, but also be prepared to serve the client’s additional needs during the construction and transition period.

Properly securing a construction site is a challenge because of the open environment, constant flow of contractors and fluid schedules. Add to that the anticipated increase in the size of the corporate campus and number of employees, and an effective and efficient security program becomes especially critical. The Property Manager needed responsive security management, a single point of contact for planned and last-minute security needs, and a high quality team his employees could rely on.quality-campus-security-manager


Allied Universal Security Services has provided security for the firm since 2000. Their established relationship and understanding of the client’s need and culture positioned Allied Universal to successfully meet their new challenges.

Allied Universal's account manager model helped pave the way for smooth security operations during the transition period and for the expanded campus. This on-site manager and client liaison can quickly assess the situation and implement changes in staffing, patrols and post orders to best meet the client’s needs.

Allied Universal Account Manager Tony Flannigan, who manages the security program locally, was able to ensure that all pre- and post-construction security needs were covered. This included doubling the size of the security team, providing additional coverage throughout the construction and keeping the team focused on delivering a visible and consistent security presence in an otherwise hectic period.

Allied Universal account managers set the pace at an account and operate as the client's go-to person for any security-related needs. Clients benefit from having a single point of contact that is responsible for all of their needs. Additionally, the account manager is local, understands the client’s culture and security program, and knows how to put Allied Universal's national resources, such as training and recruiting, to work.


Strong leadership in the form of a dedicated account manager has led to a very positive experience for everyone involved. Because of his intimate knowledge of both the site and the security program, the account manager was able to provide qualified, trained staff for patrols or posts relating to the construction project whenever needed, even on short notice.

With the account manager responsible for the daily details of the security program, the Property Manager is able to focus on other projects. To the Project Manager, and other customers like him, the security program seems to run itself thanks to the guidance and expertise of the account manager.


Note: Due to client confidentiality, we have withheld the client’s name from this case study.