Protecting Your Business During Times of Unrest

White House Protest

The immediate security risk of civil unrest leading up to, during, and after the 2020 presidential elections; which currently includes the presidential debates, the SCOTUS nomination, and the potential for contested results poses unique challenges to security departments across all segments of the business community. Our panel of experts will be discussing how your organization can prepare and respond to civil unrest with steps you can take now to mitigate risk.

Topics include:

  • A brief historical recount of Civil Unrest in election timeframes from 1968-2016
  • Effective measures and tactics employed by private enterprise across America
  • Trends and analysis observed providing a clear picture of what’s to come
  • A comprehensive set of security measures you can implement considering the current atmosphere

Panelists include:

Protecting Your Business During Times of Unrest Panelists