Preparation and Training are Key During Buffalo Blizzard

Responding Above and Beyond

Nearly eight feet of snow blanketed parts of Buffalo for three days in late November 2014, creating one of the most extreme winter weather scenes in decades.

As the wet and heavy snow rapidly fell, treacherous conditions forced many local highways to close. Some individuals became stranded at their workplaces for several days and nights, while motorists were caught in the unrelenting snow, forcing them to abandon their vehicles in pursuit of safe shelter. In the face of these hazardous circumstances, Allied preparation-buffalo-blizzardUniversal security officers maintained an unwavering commitment that went above and beyond their daily responsibilities.

At a major auto plant, three security officers voluntarily stayed throughout the storm’s duration to help ensure 120 trapped employees and their facility remained safe and secure. As the weather worsened, the plant became a refuge for more than trapped workers. Because of closed roads, 30 individuals trickled in while searching for a safe haven to wait out the storm. In conjunction with the staff, Allied Universal security officers coordinated a relief effort that provided warm clothing and food until they could be rescued. Throughout the storm our security officers maintained a direct line of communication to the plant’s emergency response team, updating them of the situation and providing them with the latest information.

“Allied Universal security officers met challenges that went over and above the expectations of a security officer, and they did so for many hours on end,” said an emergency response official at the site. “The communication with me, as well as with members of management, was frequent, to the point and extremely helpful. They asked if there was anything I needed and anything I asked of them was done or answered in a moment’s time, it seemed.”

At other sites around the region, the response from the Allied Universal team was the same. At a large corporate banking facility, our team responded by maintaining a continuous presence throughout the storm. Our clients expected 24-hour security officer service, regardless of the conditions. Whether it was remaining at work overnight to secure the property, providing assistance to those in need, or coordinating snow removal, our security officers did not hesitate to answer the call. Throughout the storm, our security teams were prepared and trained to go above and beyond.

Through professionalism, competence and commitment, our security teams exceeded expectations and made a difference.