Rapid growth in wealth and prominence demands rapid protective response – and a personal security program that grows with evolving needs

When an entrepreneur taps a gold vein in the burgeoning digital economy, valuations can skyrocket overnight – as can personal wealth and public prominence. And along with increased prominence can come higher threat levels.

Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services works with many highly successful founders who have had to ramp up personal security measures from one day to the next and build protection programs that quickly evolve with changing needs.


The challenge: Sudden wealth leads to greatly increased prominence, new vulnerabilities, and the need to mitigate risk

The principal, the young founder of a young startup, suddenly found himself in the news as his company’s valuations rose astronomically. Like most other people in his situation, personal security was the furthest thing from his mind until unwanted incidents began to pile up and his board started talking about the need for protection.

With few employees, the company had neither a security department nor any experience with executive protection. So, they turned to Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services to learn more about their options and make sure the principal was not taking unnecessary risks.


The solution: Quick reaction to manage the most vulnerable situations – and a flexible protection strategy to meet evolving needs

The founder traveled frequently and was headed for a city that even non-experts knew was a high-risk destination. Could Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services provide protection for this trip?

We quickly arranged for a security driver and an executive protection agent that could get the principal around the city in question discreetly, efficiently, and, of course, safely. Things went well.

This resulted in more secure travel support for more trips as well as event security. Discussions about deeper involvement ensued, leading to the creation of a personal protection strategy based on an analysis of pertinent risks, threats and vulnerabilities (RTVA) – as well as the company’s young culture and the principal’s personal preferences.


The results: An iterative approach that grew to comprise comprehensive risk mitigation measures

Over the course of less than a year, the program grew alongside the principal’s mounting prominence and the company’s increased awareness of evolving threat levels. We progressed in small, iterative steps in order to learn as we went along, communicate with the company, and to make sure that all services were tailored to the client’s preferences.

The program that began with one-off secure travel support for high-risk destinations now includes an embedded EP manager, EP and residential agents, and an intelligence analyst. Furthermore, we continue to support the principal and other executives in the company on their frequent travels domestically and abroad, typically three out of every four weeks.