When technology is not allowed, our executive protection agents and GSOC close the communication gap

We become so used to constant accessibility to business connections and family members that we organize our lives – and peace of mind – accordingly.

So, when national security services insisted that a busy CEO be cut off from communication for several days while attending an important conference, we had to find a way to keep the principal in touch with his business and loved ones.


The challenge: Communicating from within a venue where the security staff jams all communication devices

When one of our principals traveled abroad to an event in a conference center with a number of high-ranking dignitaries in attendance, national security services implemented heightened technical security measures that included jamming all outside communication devices. Cell phones were useless within the venue.

This was an issue for this principal, who needed to be available for communication with the corporation and his family at all times.


The solution: A security detail on premise that links to our GSOC and corporate HQ

Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services sent a security detail to the country with the principal. Like all other details, the team had constant access to our global security operation center (GSOC) in Seattle, where our staff could relay the principal’s status updates and messages between the principal and his corporate headquarters located on the East Coast.

Since cell phones were not working inside the building, one of the executive protection agents stayed nearby the principal while he was attending the conference and routinely walked outside the facility to update the GSOC on the principal’s whereabouts and deliver any important messages.


The results: Smooth communication and productive business continuity

Our solution allowed the principal to focus on the event without worrying about how he would be available to address any urgent business or family needs. This allowed him to focus on the event, make important connections, and have a successful conference – all while staying accessible to his headquarters and family.