Mobile Technology

Keep Your Mobile Technologies Safe

The world of mobile technology is ever expanding. However, the convenience of these technologies can also make it easier for criminals to retrieve your personal information, leading to bigger and more costly crimes. The following are tips to help keep your cell phones and GPS systems from being stolen and your personal information safe.

Cell Phones

Thousands of cell phones are stolen every month, and you may be surprised by the amount of personal information a thief can retrieve from your phone. Thieves are getting bolder by the day, engaging in practices such as “apple picking” where they steal iPhones right out of your purse or even your hands! Here are some practical measures you can take to keep your mobile phone safe.

  • Use your phone’s security lock code, if it has texting while driving

  • Disable bluetooth, if not in use.

  • Only unlock the phone when you need to use it.

  • Do not give your mobile phone to strangers on the pretext of an emergency situation. They may slip away with it.

  • Report a lost or stolen phone to your service provider and to the police immediately and insist on an acknowledgment.

  • Keep your phone out of sight in your pocket or handbag when not in use.

  • Do not leave your cell phone unattended.

  • Do not disclose the relationship between you and the people in your contact list. Avoid using names like Home, Honey, Hubby, Mom or Dad. Criminals may contact these individuals to get more of your personal information.

GPS Systems

GPS systems are quite the hot commodity these days, for both consumers and thieves. In fact, GPS devices are now the number one item being stolen from motor vehicles.

  • If your GPS has a key lock/password, use it.

  • Do not list your home as “home.” Instead, call your address “ice cream store” or supermarket.” That way, a thief cannot find out where you live.

  • When leaving your car, remember to take the GPS with you, and remove the window mount as well.

  • Suction cup marks from a GPS also indicate that you may have one in your car. Keep moist towelettes with you to wipe off these rings.

  • Write down the serial number of your GPS and register it with the manufacturer.


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