Meeting the prime minister

International business travel continues to grow. By utilizing our team of security professionals, intelligence analysts and global network of vetted partners, Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services can help companies make the most of their time abroad.

A typical overseas trip focuses on customers and subsidiaries. But what happens when a company sets off on a longer tour of a major developing market that involves stops in numerous cities and includes a meeting with the prime minister?


The challenge: Ensure a safe, successful and discreet trip to an important emerging market

A Fortune 500 company was set to sign a lucrative long-term contract with the government of a major emerging market. To finalize the agreement, numerous C-suite and other high-ranking employees of the company traveled to the country. While abroad, the staff had to attend several formal events in the capitol with government officials and travel to remote areas of the country to visit production sites.

Business trips to foreign countries can sometimes pose security challenges that are not otherwise considered for domestic travel. This time we needed to coordinate with the usual stakeholders as well as the prime minister’s office and the staff of various high-ranking officials, all the while following the protocols and practices of the local government.


The solution: Handle the trip from wheels up to wheels down so that the client can focus on business without having to worry about logistics or safety

When you have multiple VIPs with different schedules (all of which are hectic) that need to move across a large developing market, preparation is key. This included scouting locations before the client arrived, knowing the routes to key locations (as well as a few backups in case the unexpected occurs), keeping an eye on potential security issues by scouring the web and social media, and keeping in touch with our local intel sources.

Our extensive local network also allowed us to provide efficient air travel at private airports when the client traveled to remote areas of the country.


The results: After celebrating the signing of their new contract, both sides are looking forward to getting down to business

The client had a successful trip and enjoyed the state dinner held in his company’s honor without having to worry about security. Our personnel blended in seamlessly wherever the client went during a 10-day trip around the country, whether it was the PM’s residence or a steel mill.