Keeping our clients safe on a particularly rough night in one of the most dangerous cities on the planet

We protect our principals wherever their business or personal interests take them. Regardless of the destination, we rely on our well-trained agents and extensive local networks to keep our principals safe, happy and productive.

This is especially helpful in high-risk areas such as San Pedro Sula, Honduras – home to our Latin American office and widely considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world.


The challenge: Protect our principals during a sudden outbreak of street violence nearby.

Our group of clients was staying in San Pedro Sula for business. Shortly after leaving their hotel to attend a business-related function, gunfire erupted on a nearby street resulting in mass chaos and severe traffic delays.

Due to the urgency of the incident our team needed to respond quickly to understand the threat, assess the risk to our principals and ensure that they were protected at all times.


The solution: Secure the area where our principals were visiting and tap our local intelligence sources.

Whenever we learn of an attack or ongoing threat in the vicinity of our client’s whereabouts, their safety is our number one concern. Once we were confident that they were safe and their location was secure, we worked quickly to understand the nature of the threat.

Our local intel sources soon learned what had taken place, and were able to determine the profession and rank of the victim as well as provide some insight concerning the perpetrators. We discovered that the victim had stayed at the same hotel as our clients, and that after the targeted attack that the shooters had fled to a remote area of the city.


The results: Our clients remained safe and their schedule was not disrupted.

Protected throughout the incident, our clients were not harmed in any way when the nearby shooting left multiple people dead along with additional victims that were seriously injured.

Our initial findings were later confirmed by local law enforcement and military officials: The attackers had indeed entered the area of the city where our clients were staying, then had waited to ambush their victim, who happened to be staying at the same hotel as our principals before fleeing across the city. The violence was specifically targeted.

By leveraging our extensive local network, we could discover this vital information well before it was made known to the public. This enabled us to conclude that our principals could safely continue with their activities as planned.

Five years of operational experience in San Pedro Sula have taught us that trained and vetted people, reliable technology and effective procedures are all critical to providing security in such high-risk areas.

These all came together that night in San Pedro Sula. Using armored vehicles, expert staff and secure driving protocols as standard operating procedures, our team’s preventative measures safeguarded our principals from harm in a high-risk context. When the shootings began and the threats escalated, our team tapped local intelligence sources to quickly assess the severity of a seemingly chaotic situation and allow our principals to carry on with their busy schedules.