Interactive Emergency Response Tabletop Exercise

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Attendees will gain valuable insight from industry experts as to best practices, contemporary standards, as well as methodologies and services available before, during, and in the short and long-term follow-up period after a natural or man-made disaster.

Discussion Topics:

•    Emergency Response as a cyclical process
•    Planning to address each aspect of the emergency response cycle
•    Regularly exercising and reviewing plans to ensure applicability and viability
•    Allied Universal's ability to support all aspects of the emergency preparedness, response, and reconstitution process

Panelists Include:

Sean Schuhriemen

Sean Schuhriemen

Deputy Director, Intelligence Operations, Allied Universal® Executive Protection and Intelligence Services

Craig Matsumoto

Craig Matsumoto

Vice President, Allied Universal® Risk Advisory and Consulting Services

Marcus Perdue

Marcus Perdue

Vice President, Threat, Disaster and Emergency Response Practice Lead, Allied Universal® Risk Advisory and Consulting Services

Frank Spano

Facilitated by Frank Spano

Director of Education Security Services, Allied Universal®

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