Intelligence analysts solve a supply chain puzzle and streamline client operations on the other side of the globe

While it is easy to imagine some of the way’s intelligence analysts keep clients safe, companies often have a more difficult time envisioning how a specialist intelligence partner can increase their productivity.

This case demonstrates how a team of intelligence analysts embedded within a client organization helped a manufacturer solve a problem that involved international vendor relationships and internal personnel changes.


The challenge: Help our client discover the causes of and resolve issues that were lowering output at one of its most important factories.

Our client is a multinational corporation that employs tens of thousands of people around the globe. While the company continues to grow both its top and bottom lines, managers had noticed a disturbing productivity decline at one of its key factories.

Could Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services team of embedded intelligence analysts determine the reasons for the productivity drop and provide suggestions to resolve the issue?


The solution: Research an array of local, regional and international factors as well as conditions within the company itself.

Our analysts began by looking at the problem from different perspectives and drawing on their knowledge of local management structures and the general regional business climate.

Analysts also conducted interviews with local employees. In so doing, intelligence analysts could develop a comprehensive snapshot of what was happening at the client’s factory.


The results: Solid understanding of relevant issues and the resolution of underlying problems led to an increase in plant productivity.

Analysts determined that the recent bankruptcy of a local vendor had far-reaching yet previously underestimated consequences for the regional supply chain and the local factory’s productivity. Furthermore, they discovered that a series of personnel changes at the factory had had disruptive effects on the labor force that also impacted productivity.

Through understanding these factors intelligence analysts were able to draft a series of recommendations that addressed and ultimately rectified the vendor and personnel issues that were reducing our manufacturing productivity.

Subsequently, the factory saw its overall productivity improve and eventually return to and surpass its previous levels of high performance.

The work done by our analysts not only helped to improve the situation in this one particular factory; it also served as a guide to boost the efficiency of others around the globe. By fixing the problems plaguing the factory and knowing what to look for in future cases our client and their employees are now safer, happier and without question, more productive.