Insider Threats & Intellectual Property Protection

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Although we must trust our employees and third party partners, it is important to remain vigilant in order to protect your organization from theft or unauthorized use of the company's intellectual property by employees or others.

Companies in the U.S. have been cognizant of the potential loss of trade secrets to the opportunistic insider. In recent years, however, that threat has evolved to present even greater risk to companies whose innovations are fundamental to its competitive advantage in a global marketplace. Today, nation states acting as proxies for state owned or state supported enterprises are recruiting, directing and even incenting company insiders of U.S. companies such as employees, vendors, contractors and joint venture partners to steal trade secrets.

Join our panel of subject matter experts to learn more about insider risk mitigation.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Insider Threat Facts
  • Employee IP Misconceptions
  • Employee Prohibited Behavior
  • 10 Steps companies Can Take to Protect Their Intellectual Property from Insider Threats

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Insider Threats & Intellectual Property Protection webinar panel


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