Five Ways to Avoid High Security Officer Turnover

Does this scenario sound familiar? You relied on your security services provider to hire the best staff and ensure everyone received the right training. But a handful of them have already quit and moved onto the next company, leaving your facility’s security at risk. A new stream of security officers are being hired and trained, but the gap in security has you feeling uneasy as there is no consistent security presence. 

There is never a guarantee that an employee is going to stay in their position for any length of time, but there are ways to help avoid a high rate of turnover with in your security team. Turnover doesn’t have to be the standard for your security program if you work with a security provider who properly cares for their employees and understands your ultimate goals. 

Here are some tips for avoiding unnecessary turnover at your facility: 

1. Engage with the right security provider. Work together to find dependable, talented individuals who have a passion for securing your facility. This starts with the application process and continues throughout the career of the individual.

2. Identify your staffing needs up front and vet the candidates to ensure they have the skills and characteristics you want for your facility. A security background doesn’t have to be the first thing you look for on a resume, sometimes customer service or industry experience may mean the best fit. It is also important to know where the applicants came from. Were they referred to the position from a friend? This information matters as this shows the relationship the security company has with its current employees.

3. Training is critical to ensure your security team is compliant with any industry requirements and are well aware of your rules and regulations. Training can come in a variety of forms including in the classroom, hands-on or online. Work with a security provider who offers ongoing training to their employees as it equates to better prepared officers and can help increase retention rates.

4. Relationships between your business partners, individuals within your facility and the security team are a key component in keeping a team together. The security team that builds a rapport with the people in your facility will become a reliable and trusted part of their environment. It is comforting knowing you are going to see the same person every morning when you walk in the door.

5. When security officers feel valued by you, they become an integral part of your business. Many security teams feel like partners rather than a third party vendor. Security officers who are recognized for their efforts or accomplishments are more likely to take personal ownership in their work.