Finding Added Value In Your Security Program

With more and more demands being made on your time, you should look to your security partner to see what additional value they can bring.

Did you know that when a security provider has the right resources and expertise they should be capable of performing the following for you as part of your existing contract?

  1. Life-Safety Duties – Monitoring fire control systems, code compliance, coordinating fire marshal functions and facilitating fire and evacuation drills for the building. 

  2. Maintenance and Equipment Management – Managing or assisting with the coordination of service and maintenance as well as assuming day-to-day responsibility for gate systems, cameras and access control systems as well as ongoing assessments of critical equipment such as chillers and water leaks.

  3. Tenant Education Seminars – Providing ongoing information on topics such as workplace violence, safety, emergency planning and management, even conducting CPR/AED courses.

  4. Law Enforcement Liaison – Maintaining open communication and a relationship with local law enforcement and emergency services on behalf of the building.

  5. Parking Safety – Providing patrols or a presence in loading docks, parking environments and providing after hours escorts to tenants who are working late or outside of usual business hours. 

  6. Front Desk and Access Control – Serving as a welcoming presence in the lobby, providing visitor management and screening services and managing contractor check-in.

  7. Disaster Planning, Response and Recovery – Establishing mass notification and security protocols for your property, helping with emergency planning and communication with first responders. 

  8. Budgets – Tracking incidents on your property and providing trending data and local crime reports to help with your annual planning and budget process. 

  9. Risk Mitigation and Avoidance – Identifying and helping to rectify hazards in common areas across your property to help avoid incidents such as slip and falls on wet floors.

  10. Thought Leadership – Providing you with security best practices and serving as an expert resource to help you stay abreast of industry news through tools such as a corporate blog, informational webinars or other regular programs.

The right added-value solutions for your facility will be based on your individual needs. A collaborative partnership with a quality security provider will help to ensure that your security program is meeting your needs and adding value throughout your facility.