Don’t forget to pack security for your next family vacation

Corporate travelers are often accustomed to a greater degree of service – including security service – when they are on the road for the company compared to personal vacations.

But as this case illustrates, sometimes just a little bit of travel intelligence and a single security driver can go a long way in keeping everyone safe while enjoying a family holiday.


The challenge: A last-minute trip to Mexico requires a security evaluation

One of our clients decided to travel with his family on a personal trip to Mexico. The destination was a popular tourist hub and typically considered safe. However, the company’s security team wanted a security evaluation of the destination prior to departure. The principal and his family were leaving the next day.


The solution: Draw on intelligence from a recent deployment

One of our executive protection teams had just finished escorting a dignitary in the town. Using their network prior to and while on assignment, they became aware of some circumstances that elevated the risk level for travelers in the area.

At the time of travel for the principal and his family, no event had yet occurred, but the risks were still prevalent. We thus recommended that a security driver accompany the family on their vacation. The family agreed to this plan.

The family had a safe vacation and enjoyed their driver. However, shortly after they returned home, the security situation in the town took a turn for the worse, especially for tourists, when several incidents occurred in public areas. A few weeks after the family returned home, there was an attack close to where they had stayed.


The results: A safe trip enabled by timely information

Our team had this insight one month prior to the attack. The U.S. State Department issued a travel risk alert for the area one week after the attack.

When the news reports came in about the attack, the principal called Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services to thank us for the excellent suggestion of having a secure driver. His family had a great vacation and felt safe the entire time. They were now aware of how close they could have been to real danger. The principal stated that he will never again make travel plans without advanced security intelligence.