Does Your Security Team Contribute to Your Safety Culture?

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Is safety a top priority for your security partner? Are they as dedicated as you to creating and maintaining a safe work environment for your employees and visitors? Do they adequately enforce your safety programs and policies?

Awareness, education and communication are all critical to maintaining a safe worksite. Your security partner shares in the responsibility for making sure everyone at your site understands their safety obligations and your safety goals. 
There are many ways your security partner can contribute to your culture of safety. How does your contractor measure up? Do they do the following:

  • Assess job tasks and document safety measures for all posts via a Job Safety Analysis (JSA)?

  • Train all personnel on the content of the JSAs for their assignments?

  • Anticipate and proactively prepare for emerging new hazards and risks?

  • Recognize excellent safety performance among their employees? 

  • Train security staff in OSHA safety requirements and conduct regular training?

  • Share best practices between clients and sites?

  • Regularly share safety materials and reminders with their employees?

  • Check motor vehicle records for each driver?

  • Participate in, or lead, your safety meetings?

  • Train supervisors in safety incident reporting?

  • Foster a culture in which safety is a primary concern at every single level of the company from executives to site leadership to every security officer?

  • Dedicate corporate resources to safety and reinforce its importance company-wide?

  • Ensure consistency across all client sites for safety programs and training?

  • Show an understanding of how their safety record impacts your results and business?

  • Mandate frequent safety communications via manager interactions, safety committees, personnel training, safety manuals and other methods? 

  • Evaluate safety policies, programs, initiatives and performance?

  • Know what their TRIR is and how it compares to their industry average?

A security partner who is dedicated to a strong safety culture and engages their employees contributes to a safer work environment for everyone. Fewer accidents and less time lost from work due to injury mean fewer interruptions to your service.