DISASTER! NOW WHAT? An All Hazards Approach to Emergency Planning

emergency planning

Emergencies can strike at any time, and often have lasting impact on personnel, facilities, and organizational capabilities. Thankfully, proper planning, response, and reconstitution can help mitigate the damage, save lives, and resume normal operations.

Join our expert panel for part one of a series as we explore the pre emergency planning and coordination activities to increase organizational and individual resilience within an all hazards framework.

Key takeaways include:

  • An introduction to best practices in all hazards emergency planning and preparedness;
  • An in depth exploration of contemporary standards driven prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery;
  • Tools and solution sets applicable to each preparedness phase from blue sky conditions through emergency conditions likely and emergency conditions imminent; and
  • An expert perspective at the threats, resources, and changing approaches to emergency management we might expect in the future.

disaster planning webinar presenters


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