Demonstration Preparedness

When large crowds gather outside your work environment, individuals inside may be at risk if the event spirals out of control. By preparing ahead of time for rallies, demonstrations or large gatherings drawing a crowd, you can better protect your employees and your property.

Prepare Ahead of Timebusiness professional holding hard hat

  • Create a building evacuation plan. Practice this plan with all employees, tenants and vendors at least once a year.

  • Prepare for a possible lock-down if it is not safe for employees to leave. Have emergency kits available with supplies for employees.

  • Always have an up-to-date list of employees, tenants and vendors so you can determine who needs access to the building and who does not.

  • Involve local law enforcement officials in your planning and drills.

Before a Planned Event

  • Take precautionary steps by increasing security measures and personnel.

  • Make sure all recording devices, closed-circuit televisions and cameras are operational.

  • Consider asking employees to park off-site and shuttle them to the building. From the shuttle, have security personnel escort them into the building.

  • If off-site parking is not an option, distribute security’s phone number so tenants and employees can call for assistance.

  • Announce which entrances and exits should be used during the event.

  • Know which roads and areas will be targeted and affected by the event.

  • Remove, repair or replace any loose items on or around the building such as bricks, blocks, cracked windows, etc.

  • Determine how you will communicate with building occupants, whether it is by a phone-tree, email, text messages, a hotline or website.

  • Advise employees to telecommute if there is a concern for their safety when coming to the facility. Make sure to test these capabilities to ensure that you can maintain productivity.

During an Event

  • Increase the facility’s access control.

  • Stay inside if the event becomes dangerous.

  • Actively monitor the news and social media for information on the event.

  • Keep all building tenants, customers and vendors up-to-date on event details that may impact their safety.


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