Creating a more culturally aware team: How Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services makes our global clients feel at ease

The ability to operate worldwide is one of the many ways we help our clients to achieve their business objectives. But what makes us a truly global company is the diversity of our staff and clientele. In addition to serving American businesses that operate at home and abroad, we also work for entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and corporations from around the world.

Whether on a security detail in a foreign country or at the corporate campus of a Fortune 500 company, we are routinely involved in dealing with many people from different cultural backgrounds. As even the smallest point of disconnect can lead to a security lapse or a moment of embarrassment for the principal, we go to great lengths to ensure that our clients are comfortable with their protective team. Sometimes establishing this level of comfort requires our team to learn new tasks…or even 16th century Japanese history.


The challenge: Familiarize a residential protection team with the cultural etiquette of a new principal and his family.

Our client was a Japanese expat that frequently receives colleagues and guests from his home country. Due to the stature of his guests and frequent contact between them and the protection team, we wanted our client to be assured that the nuances of Japanese etiquette would not be overlooked.

Could Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services find a way to bridge the cultural divide between the security team and the principal?


The solution: Use Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services industry-leading internal training division to create a course on Japanese cultural etiquette.

Thanks to our new training division we can offer tailor made and customizable courses for practically anything our staff or clients request. While courses are usually related to protective security topics such as enhanced intelligence gathering techniques or a crash course on covert surveillance, this presented a great opportunity to expand our scope and provide a new type of service for our team.

After a careful examination of Japanese cultural components, business practices and even a touch of political and historical information, we made a course that helped our team gain a better understanding and a deeper appreciation of our client’s cultural background. The course was then shared with staff members who participated virtually and gave their feedback.


The results: The course was a success: Our staff enjoyed learning about a new topic, the client and his family appreciated our effort, and we could provide smoother security at the principal’s residence.

Armed with additional cultural background information, our team was able to provide a better and more personalized service for the principal. The client was impressed at our team’s level of commitment and was genuinely appreciative that they took the time to learn about his culture. This has strengthened the security process in several ways. The team gained expertise that helped them meet the principal’s cultural expectations, and how to facilitate a smoother screening process with friends, acquaintances and other guests coming to the home.

The ability to implement such courses requires two things: experience in developing and distributing tailor-made course materials, and dedicated staff that is eager to learn. Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services is fortunate to have both.