Bullying Prevention

Take a Stand Against Bullying

Bullying has been a problem in schools for years, no matter what the age of the student. It is even a problem in college-aged students where it is no longer called bullying, but hazing. Bullying can be physical, verbal, social or cyber and can be direct or indirect. Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure protection from being bullied, but there are ways to help.

Warning Signs Someone is Being Bullied

  • Isolation in their room

  • Not wanting to connect with other people their age

  • Visible marks and bruises that cannot be explained or illnesses such as stomachaches and headaches

  • Not being able to concentrate on schoolwork

  • Lower grades

  • Sleepless nights or nightmares

  • Changes in mood or no longer being interested in things they once were

  • Signs of depression, anxiety or being overly emotional

Help for Younger Children

  • Try to make it a habit to talk about their school day. Listen for changes in their routine or pay special attention if they do not want to talk about their day anymore.

  • Monitor online and phone activity. Bullying can happen through email, social media, texting or even instant messaging.

  • If you are aware of a specific incident, talk with a teacher or principal at your child’s school to make sure they are aware of the problem. Going to the bully’s parents may cause more problems for your child in the long run.

If Someone You Know is Being Bullied

  • All schools at all levels need a bullying prevention group to bring awareness to the problem. Talk with a teacher or school administrator about joining or establishing a group.

  • Do not join others in bullying. Try to stop rumors, do not comment on social media posts that are harmful to others and report incidents to security or local authorities. Some cases of bullying have led to suicide which may be prevented with your help.

  • If you are comfortable confronting a bully’s actions, do it. This will let the bully know what they are doing is wrong and you want it to stop. If you are not comfortable doing this, walk away from the situation and seek help.


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