Allied Universal Provides Overnight Patrol Services for Rural Client


NAI Brannen Goddard is a full service real estate brokerage firm that provides real estate marketing and consulting services to owners, investors, developers and tenants of retail, office, healthcare, industrial and investment properties. Their mission is to consistently deliver the most professional and comprehensive level of service available in the market.

At one of NAI Brannen Goddard’s rural corporate complexes outside of Atlanta there are eight office buildings that house a variety of tenants including a well-known bakery and a national shipping and receiving company. The buildings are spread out on a campus surrounded by a wooded area.

During the day, the complex is bustling with people and traffic. However, at night, the area is quiet and only a handful of tenants are still on site working.
“We have tenants that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it is important that we provide security services as needed,” said Wendy Mastrocola, Property Manager for NAI Brannen Goddard. “We needed security services overnight but did not need someone on site at every location.”


Allied Universal Security Services began to provide mobile patrol services for the rural NAI Brannen Goddard complex in 2005. Three security officers alternate patrols, checking all exterior doors to ensure they are secure while listening for any alarms that may be sounding during their drive.
“We provide five patrols a night, seven days a week, between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.,” said Willie Nunez, Patrol Manager, Allied Universal. “The security officer is responsible for driving through the property in random patterns with their patrol lights on to help keep the property secure.”

“I like that the officers keep the vehicle’s patrol lights on,” said Mastrocola. “It is important for the people who are still on site to be are aware that the officer is available. He is also a more visible deterrent for potential trespassers.”

“If an alarm is going off it is our duty to alert the property manager and staff on site,” said Nunez. “If there is an emergency situation we coordinate our efforts with the local law enforcement.


Mastrocola is very happy with the program. “If we send the officers a memo to keep their eyes open for something, they go above and beyond to do an extra patrol to stop or prevent the issue,” she said. “Additionally, the most important thing is that it is known when the officers are on site. It isn’t a secret. Our staff knows they can contact the security officer if there is an issue or if they need an escort.

The patrol officers provide a weekly report to Mastrocola informing her of the frequency of visits and the times. They also include incident and lights out reports.

“The weekly reports are very useful so I know what is going on when I am not on site,” Mastrocola said. “The lights out report is vital since I am not aware of what lights are not functioning when I am on site during the daylight hours. It is important that lighting issues are resolved quickly and the security officers help make sure we are aware.”

The officers have a great working relationship with the tenants on site and NAI Brannen Goddard staff. “The security team is available for additional assignments when needed. We are meeting our client’s needs through the patrol program,” said Nunez.

“This is just what we needed,” said Mastrocola. “It is hard to find conscientious people like the Allied Universal team. They help keep our site safe and secure overnight and we trust and rely on them.