8 Steps to Selecting the Right Security Provider

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Choosing the right contract security company can impact how your company is perceived and your bottom line. There are many providers to choose from and it is important to find one that best fits your needs. The following steps will help ensure the company you select will be a long-time partner and resource.

  1. Build a Selection Team
    Members may vary depending on your industry, but typical participants include representatives from purchasing, building management and security. If individual departments or functional areas have different security needs, participants from those areas will offer valuable insight as well.
  2. Identify Needed Improvements
    Reviewing your current program will help to identify areas in need of improvement. In some cases, those needs may have prompted the search for a contract security provider. Either way, now is the time to ask for what you want and need.
  3. Prioritize Objectives
    Your identified areas of improvements and any other security needs should be prioritized and your objectives communicated to potential security partners. Knowing your objectives in advance will help you select a firm that can meet your needs.
  4. Consult the Experts
    Once you’ve communicated your objectives, ask potential providers to make security recommendations. These are the experts and their advice and capabilities will influence your decision.
  5. Create the RFP
    Your request for proposal should include questions on a variety of topics. Information specific to training and experience in your industry will help to paint the picture and will organize the information. Gathering the facts from all potential providers will allow you to make a side-by-side comparison.
  6. Narrow the Field
    Select the best two to three firms and request any additional and necessary information. Delve deeper into their day-to-day processes and meet with the managers who will be overseeing your program.
  7. Find the Right Experience
    While every security program is unique, identifying a provider with the right type of experience important. A contract security company with extensive higher education experience and training specific to the needs of the education market, for example, will be a strong candidate for a college or university.
  8. Select a Provider
    Once you’ve selected a provider, meet with them to develop a contract, plans and processes. Dedicate the time to work with them to develop a quality program and post orders specific to your needs.

Establish goals and objectives for your security program and participate in regular reviews in order to recognize milestones, make adjustments and recognize the exemplary efforts of the security staff. A high quality contract security provider views security as a team effort and truly believes in and is dedicated to the safety and security of your employees and assets.