48 Doors - One Security Officer’s Response to a Dormitory Fire

The primary responsibility of most security officers is helping to ensure the safety and security of the people they’re charged with protecting. When a dangerous event does arise, and there’s a life threatening situation, highly trained and dedicated security officers will go above and beyond to guarantee their responsibilities are met.

At a university campus in Florida, Captain Willie Johnson was speaking with a colleague when he learned that smoke was coming from a nearby dorm building. Willie immediately rushed to the scene and activated emergency response procedures.response to dorm fire

He then entered the dorms and went door-to-door—stopping at 48 different rooms in an effort to evacuate students. Most of the students were sleeping or coming out half asleep, dazed and in shock. Willie was able to evacuate everyone safely before the building was engulfed in flames and the windows started popping.

After everyone was accounted for, Willie set up a staging area, roped off the scene and kept the students out of harm’s way. Throughout the ordeal, he displayed outstanding leadership, remaining calm and focusing on what had to be done. Willie’s actions during a very dangerous incident helped prevent injuries and exemplified the commitment and dedication of a highly dedicated security officer who understands and respects the importance of his duties.

No matter the situation, security officers are often the first trained responders during an emergency. Every day, security officers like Willie demonstrate a commitment to maintaining safety and security of countless workplaces, campuses, shopping malls and other facilities around the country. Their devotion to duty plays a major part in our well being.