10 Critical Communication Best Practices

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Poor communication between you and your security provider can open the door to mistakes and mishaps. Good communication can take your program to the next level. 

Review these best practices to see where you stand with your current security services provider to be sure you are getting the quality communication you need and deserve. 

1. Regular program measurement is conducted, such as quarterly business reviews.
2. Your site is visited regularly by management, including all security posts and shifts. 

3. Your provider meets with you one-on-one to address concerns. 

4. Your inquiries receive a response in a timely manner. 

5. Communication among the security team is effective and helps to ensure compliance with your requirements.

6. Your questions are answered and your concerns are addressed in a timely, professional manner. 

7. There is a disaster communication plan in place that includes how and when to connect with you should something happen on-site. 

8. Issues are addressed as they arise. Resolutions are communicated to you quickly and completely. 

9. Notifications outside regular business hours are handled effectively. 

10. Your provider communicates with you in the method you prefer, such as email, regular in-person meetings or phone calls. 

Your business not only deserves outstanding service, but effective, complete and timely communication.