Veteran - Tim Petronico

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Tim Petronico

Tim Petronico, Director of Operations Risk Operations Center, Risk Advisory and Consulting Services (RACS)

United States Army Reserve and National Guard

When he was 13 years old, Tim Petronico knew he wanted to join the U.S. Army for the training and experience. When he came of age and enlisted in the Army Reserve and National Guard, he never thought joining the military would become his career path until he was awarded his first Army Achievement Medal and found a mentor.

“My Platoon Sergeant at the time saw my potential, took me under his wing, and showed me what the military could truly offer me,” Tim said. “It was then I knew it would be a career and not just a phase.”

Tim retired from the Army Reserve in 2015 as a First Sergeant after serving 23 years in a variety of roles, including Turbine Engine Mechanic, Military Police Officer, Drill Sergeant and Foreign Army Combat Advisor. His military tours took him to several army installations across the United States and overseas in South Korea and the Iraq combat theater.

During most of his military career, Tim also served as a civilian police officer. These simultaneous careers, he says, helped him develop critical skill sets that have served him ever since, including leadership, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, in-depth knowledge of the intelligence field and interpersonal skills. 

Tim found a perfect fit for his skills and experience when he joined G4S in 2019 as a Lead Operator in the company’s Risk Operations Center in Jupiter, Florida. In less than a year, he earned a promotion to Manager and with Allied Universal’s recent acquisition of G4S, Tim is now Head of Operations and Training for the Risk Operations Center.

“The military helped me to hone my leadership style and learn the proper ways to motivate people to realize their potential and capabilities. As my military career went on, I learned that my job transitioned into a role of coach, teacher and mentor,” Tim said “I try to help mold my team into capable leaders who will someday take over my position. That would make me extremely proud.”