Veteran Ayla Scott

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Ayla Scott, Senior Account Manager--Seattle, Allied Universal United States Army National Guard

Ayla Scott

Senior Account Manager--Seattle, Allied Universal

United States Army National Guard

Growing up, Allied Universal Senior Account Manager Ayla Scott always knew she wanted to join the Army. She wanted “to serve my country and have a greater purpose in life.”  Ayla served for more than 10 years in the U.S. Army National Guard. 

During her enlistment, Ayla received two Army Commendation Medals. The first in 2013 when she was named Soldier of the Year for the State of Washington; the second in recognition for her creation of a program that provided fellow soldiers with free bicycles.

In 2016, Ayla joined Allied Universal as an armed security officer working at a major aerospace manufacturer. Later, she was invited to interview for an Account Manager position for one of Allied Universal’s major social media accounts.  After being deployed to Afghanistan for the second time, she returned to Allied Universal in 2019, overseeing a large coffee manufacturing client as an Account Manager. In 2021, Ayla was promoted to Senior Account Manager which allowed her to mentor fellow Account Managers in her region. 

“My plan is to continue to move up through the company and to continue to be a strong leader for the organization,” Ayla said.

Ayla’s feels truly lucky that her transition to the civilian workforce was seamless. 

“Being a civilian and a soldier for 10 years, I was able to maintain both careers with no hardship or challenges,” she said.

Ayla says that her military experience has as a positive impact on her career at Allied Universal. 

“The military taught me to be a leader and gave me the specific skills needed to be able to achieve a civilian career comparable to my military career,” she said. The Army taught me the difference between good and bad leadership and provided me the mental toughness to take on anything.”