Veteran Alejandra Facio

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Alejandra Facio, Receptionist--El Paso, Texas office/Allied Universal United States Army

Alejandra Facio
Receptionist--El Paso, Texas office/Allied Universal
United States Army

Although Alejandra Facio didn’t come from a military family, she felt a deep call to serve her country and wanted to make her family proud. At age 20, Alejandra joined the United States Army where she served for more than three years. In the army, Alejandra was a Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer stationed in Korea and Ft. Hood. 

After her time with the Army, Alejandra faced the challenge of returning to the civilian workplace and finally found her place at Allied Universal. 

“To me, the biggest surprise was how difficult it was to get a job, even with my military experience,” said Alejandra.

Starting her career as a Security Professional, Alejandra now serves as a receptionist and hopes to one day become a recruiter. 

Alejandra feels that her experience in the military has influenced her ability to do her job well because she is constantly helping and serving her fellow officers. 

When she performs her daily tasks as a receptionist, Alejandra uses the skills she learned during her time in the Army. Alejandra’s heightened awareness of her surroundings as well as her understanding of being respectful towards her co-workers and Security Professionals has guided her success in the various positions she has held at Allied Universal. 

“My favorite part of working at Allied Universal is the feeling of satisfaction I get when I help our Security Professionals,” she said. “Just like the military, in order to be successful, you need to be extremely professional, show up on time, and look sharp.”