Veteran Krystal Clayton-Hyland

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Krystal Claton-Hyland - Regional Recruiter-Seattle,  US Navy

Krystal Clayton-Hyland

Regional Recruiter-Seattle

US Navy

You should never underestimate the power of helping someone says Krystal Clayton-Hyland, who vividly remembers standing up for one of her friends who was being bullied at school. What she felt afterwards were feelings of selflessness and pride. This is why she joined the U.S. Navy so she could stand up and fight for her country.

As a Logistics Specialist, Krystal was stationed in Yokota, Japan. She received numerous awards and accolades from her time in the Navy. She was voted Sailor of the Year and received an award from Congress for being heavily involved with non-profit veteran organizations as well as her volunteerism efforts working at veteran’s homes.

“My time in the military taught me strong ethics and cultural differences,” said Krystal. “Today, I see the benefits of utilizing my chain of command and seeking out mentors.”

When Krystal left the U.S. Navy, she found it difficult to find employment as she was a full-time college student; thus her schedule was busy. Her career at Allied Universal first started when she applied for a Security Professional role with Boeing. However, due to her background, she was offered the position of Armed Hiring Coordinator, where she recruited people with active security clearances. Within three months, she was promoted to Talent Acquisition Specialist and, four months later, she was promoted to Regional Recruiter.

“There are so many opportunities within Allied Universal for veterans from entry-level to leadership roles,” said Krystal. “The work environment is extremely adaptable and the company offers a buddy system, which is a similar feeling to active duty. Allied Universal definitely allows you to grow as an individual and helps you reach your full potential.”