The Many Faces at Allied Universal® - Jill Talbot

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Jill Talbot, Vice President, Managing Counsel — Operational Compliance

Jill Talbot, Vice President, Managing Counsel — Operational Compliance

When it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Jill Talbot is open about who she is as a member of the LGBT+ community. In fact, she believes that her approach has helped co-workers who are also members of the community feel safer about doing the same. What’s more, her desire to connect with others on a personal level has opened the door to growth opportunities and career success.

“I believe that working in a diverse environment has similar benefits to living in a diverse environment,” Jill said. “For me, the experience of getting to know people who have different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives than mine has expanded my world and has resulted in great professional connections and amazing friendships.”

Jill started her career in the security industry in 2004 when she joined The Wackenhut Corporation’s Human Resources team to work on  policies, procedures, training materials and the company’s employee magazine. Two years later, Jill leveraged her Juris Doctor credentials and moved to the legal department to manage the contracts team, which grew into a Managing Counsel — Compliance role with G4S. 

With the integration of G4S and Allied Universal, Jill was promoted to her current position as Vice President, Managing Counsel — Operational Compliance. In this role, she oversees a team responsible for supporting operational compliance for all lines of business in North America, including professional licensing, federal contract compliance, and regulatory and ethics investigations.

Jill has a keen perspective and deep understanding of not only diversity in the workplace, but also in the security industry. And she’s reaped the benefits of being in a diverse environment that has helped her to grow both personally and professionally.

“I believe it is important to have an employer that embraces a diverse workforce where employees feel comfortable and are encouraged to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table,” Jill said. “This helps the company be more successful because it provides the opportunity for a broader range of ideas and solutions and creates a workforce who feel that their opinions and hard work are valued by the company.”

As for the security industry, Jill states: Our “product” is people, and our people should reflect the communities in which we work. Our employees interact with customer employees and members of the public on a daily basis. Having a workforce that represents and understands various cultures and experiences enhances the services we provide.”