Giving Security a New Name: Friendly

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Smiling Security Officer

The adage that security officers are on patrol to “detect, deter, observe and report” is enriched today with a new world order of security officers who also welcome as they protect. Balancing security with customer care creates a secure and inviting environment that is desirable in many settings.

There are countless stories of security officers whose friendly, professional and communicative manner elicits praise. The helpful and welcoming demeanor of Chris Bennett, a security officer at New York’s busy Fulton Center transit and retail hub, attracted the attention of a transit reporter for the Metro New York newspaper, who was so impressed by Bennett’s outstanding relationship with frenzied commuters that she asked to interview him. 

Her article, “Giving New Yorkers a New Name: Friendly” commends Bennett’s ability to “continuously say good morning to the thousands of commuters who rush through Fulton Center on weekday mornings.”

Security officers are much more than enforcers of rules and watchers of property – they are resourceful, helpful leaders who can assist the public in many ways from providing directions and information to collaborating with police and guiding evacuations. A day in the life of a security officer can include everything from brightening a person’s day with a smile and some friendly words to lifesaving actions. 

Security officers are selected for positions in which they will excel - undergoing extensive interviewing to ensure the right fit. In positions like that of the friendly Chris Bennett, security officers are required to possess a high aptitude for customer interaction. 

The physical security sector is multi-faceted and requires a range of individuals to fill its many roles. This industry needs our country’s best and brightest people to take a fresh look at this market which represents an employment opportunity with unlimited upside. 

caress kennedy  About the Author 
  Caress Kennedy is the Northeast Region President for Allied Universal. She belongs to many industry associations including ASIS, New York Staffing Association, NYPD Law Enforcement Explorers, NYC Workforce Investment Board and St. John's University Homeland Security Academic Program Advisory Board.