Thank You Security


The Third Annual - September 17 – 23, 2017

The security officers who strive to help maintain safe and secure workplaces, schools, shopping malls and communities deserve our heartfelt appreciation. Security officers are hard-working, highly trained men and women who are our country’s first responders. These individuals deter crime, lead evacuations, provide information, work closely with local law enforcement and are constantly vigilant in their efforts to keep us safe. 

To honor these heroes, National Security Officer Appreciation Week was established in 2015. Celebrated the third week in September, this is an incredible opportunity to say thank you, and recognize security officers’ many contributions to our daily lives.

The great work of security officers across the country can easily be taken for granted as, in today’s society, a security presence has become the expectation. But these professionals are much more than part of the backdrop of our communities and workplaces. This dedicated week of appreciation will:

  • Recognize their contributions
  • Profile the many roles security officers fill
  • Debunk old misconceptions and stereotypes
  • Raise awareness for security career opportunities

Join us in celebrating the third annual National Security Officer Appreciation Week, September 17 – 23, 2017. And be sure read the wonderful messages of thanks we are receiving!

Social Media

Show your appreciation for security officers via social media! Use #ThankYouSecurity in your posts or use one of our sample posts:

  • Showing my appreciation for these hard working men and women. #ThankYouSecurity
  • Join me! Thank your local security officer today, too! #ThankYouSecurity
  • We appreciate your hard work and commitment to maintaining safety in our workplaces and communities. #ThankYouSecurity
  • Do you appreciate your security team as much as I appreciate mine? Tell them this week! #ThankYouSecurity

Recognizing Security Officers

How can you recognize security officers at your location? Here are a few suggestions but any demonstration of your appreciation during this week would be meaningful:

  • Host an appreciation meeting or reception
  • Buy your security officers lunch or coffee
  • Write a letter to your security officers
  • Visit your security officers – shake their hand, say thank you and ask how they are
  • Use the Sample Stakeholder Letter to encourage your teams to say thank you
  • Include your security officers in ongoing recognition ceremonies


Access these links for information on why security officers deserve our appreciation:

Sample Press Release

Do you want to promote your efforts to recognize security officers during National Security Officer Appreciation Week? Customize this sample press release to promote your efforts.

Sample Stakeholder Letter

Encourage your stakeholders to show their appreciation for security officers during National Security Officer Appreciation Week. You can customize and distribute this sample letter to your employees, tenants, staff and business associates so that they too can join in your efforts.

Download the Logo!

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Sample Newsletter Story

Share your participation in National Security Officer Appreciation Week in your company newsletter.Customize this sample newsletter story to promote your efforts and encourage your employees to join in!