Allied Universal TeamTime

TeamTime is a form of electronic timekeeping that allows Security Professionals to clock in/out using a phone. TeamTime makes timekeeping easier and more accurate which results in accurate paychecks.

You will need your employee number to enter to check in/out. If you do not know your number, please contact your supervisor.

TeamTime Instructions

  • Employees are expected to check in/out by phone at their scheduled start and end times.
  • Changes to a schedule may occur as a result of a request by an Allied Universal supervisor/manager or the client, as a result of tardiness, not being relieved on post or an emergency at the client site.

Dial 1-800-643-8714 from your site phone

1. The system will announce time of day at the beginning of the call
2. Enter your employee number followed by the # sign on the phone 
3. Listen to menu for the following options:

  • To check in, press 1

  • To check out, press 2

  • To leave for lunch, press 5 (unpaid meal break)

  • To return from lunch, press 6 (unpaid meal break)

  • Press 7 for periodic checks (if configured)

  • System will announce time of day and say goodbye

If another employee would like to check in/out after your call is complete, hit the * key on the phone and allow the next employee to enter their information rather than hanging up and making another call. There is no limit to the number of employees who can check in/out from one phone call.

NOTE: If your call was not accepted please record your time on the Automated Time Collection Exception form located at your site.

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