Autonomous Data Machines (Robots)

Call in the Robots

While there will always be a need for personnel to be involved in strategic decision-making, situational analysis and security response, machines can excel at monotonous, computationally heavy, and sometimes hazardous or difficult to reach work. Modern robotic security bridges the gap between artificial intelligence and human response.

Strategically deployed robotic devices enable security departments to force multiply traditional physical security with innovative patrolling, deterrence, forensics and communications. Robotic solutions cost effectively improve situational awareness while augmenting the capabilities of experienced personnel to focus on more strategic tasks. 

Allied Universal partners with robotic security companies to provide solutions that lower risk, boost productivity and enhance safety. These solutions apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to data and analytics to improve situational awareness of security teams with intuitive, browser-based user interfaces. 

Users can recall, review, and save machine-generated data for forensic or event-documenting purposes. And with mobile apps, you can carry this data right in the palm of your hand.


We Have the Technology

Powered by video, audio and sensor technology, cutting-edge algorithms and machine-learning, Allied Universal offers several robot solutions and a service model that helps protect people and assets while interacting with them in their workplace. Knightscope Autonomous Data Machines are groundbreaking and innovative in advanced anomaly detection.. Machines operate autonomously (not remote-controlled) within a geo-fenced area and provide alerts generated by:

  • 360-degree video

  • Thermal imaging

  • People detection

  • License plate recognition

  • Parking monitoring and utilization

  • Audio recording

  • Two-way intercom

  • Live and pre-recorded audio broadcast

Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) add situational awareness with security control and observation towers (RAD SCOT™) and wall-mounted (RAD Wally) units that can be implemented virtually anywhere on site without any supporting infrastructure – expanding your security reach instantly.


  • Human detection analytics utilizing artificial intelligence

  • License plate recognition

  • Long-range audio paging

  • Close-range video intercom

  • Cellular connectivity and Wi-Fi capabilities

  • Security/help/panic button with video conferencing

  • 24/7 equipment monitoring

  • Tracking capabilities

  • Tablet featuring security concierge and video conferencing with Security Operating Center field personnel

  • Visitor management

RAD Wally

SCOT Wally takes full advantage of the RAD software suite and includes all of the features of RAD’s original SCOT, with a few differences; making it the perfect security solution for areas where increased visibility is needed at a fraction of the cost. Wally enhances situational awareness with visibility up to 110 degrees and deploys RAD's innovative artificial intelligence-powered technologies to deliver a responsive interface, communication and control.


Cobalt provides an intelligent, friendly service with a roving presence that helps keep premises secure. The Cobalt robot patrols autonomously to detect anomalies and send relevant notifications. Security specialists receive the notifications in real time, and immediately respond to manage the event.

  • Autonomous night/weekend patrolscobalt

  • Two-way audio/video communication

  • Thermal and 8mp cameras for visual detection

  • Multi-directional microphone array detects sound and notifies specialists

  • Intruder detection and deterrence

  • Designed for human interaction (stands 5’1”)

  • Touch-screen panel interface for communications and human response

  • Durable fabric exterior designed to blend in with business culture and interiors

  • Mobile PA system

  • Badge reader integration

  • LED alert/signal ring to detect and alert on anomalies