• Finding your Allied Universal Employee ID
    • Please enter your USSA employee ID and your last name, then click the "Find My New ID" button below. This will present your Allied Universal employee ID.
    • NOTE: The employee ID lookup below is intended to help current USSA employees find their Allied Universal employee IDs.
  • Registering for Benefits
    • Log into Allied Universal eHub -- https://ehub.aus.com
    • Go to the REGISTER side of the login
    • Enter your new Allied Universal employee number as the User ID
    • Click on the REGISTER bar
    • The system will ask for additional personal information to validate your identity and then ask you to set a password.
    • Go to the Insurance Benefits Block and click on Enroll now
  • Trouble Logging in
    • Call IT Support at 484-351-1568 and press option 1 when you hear the IT Support Desk Greeting (after W2 message)

This will be the same site you will use to find your schedule, pay check information, W2 etc after the transition.

NOTE: If your site is on electronic timekeeping, you will need to start calling 1-800-643-8714 to check-in/out with your new AUS employee ID on your effective start date which be one of the following: either February 8th or March 8th . Your supervisor will advise you as to which date to begin using the new number.

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