CCPA Request Webform

California Residents may use this form to exercise their CCPA rights: opt-out of sale; request a copy of their information; and delete their information.

If you are a resident of California and you want to submit a request to Allied Universal or Peoplemark (an Allied Universal Company) under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), please fill out the webform below. Subject to any applicable exclusions, we will treat your request as applying to any of your personal information that has been collected by Allied Universal or Peoplemark. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.* We will contact you at the email or phone number you provide if we have questions regarding your request.

Privacy Practices: For general information about how personal information of California residents is handled, please visit, as applicable:

  • the Allied Privacy Policy and its section on Important Additional Privacy Information for California Residents
  • or the Peoplemark Privacy Policy and its section on Important Additional Privacy Information for California Residents.

Sale: California residents have the right to opt-out of the “sale” of their personal information. Under the CCPA, a “sale” includes disclosing or making available personal information to a third party in exchange for monetary compensation or other benefits or value. Neither Allied Universal nor Peoplemark disclose personal information to third parties in exchange for monetary compensation, they may, however, disclose or make available certain categories of personal information to third parties in order to receive certain benefits or services.

For example, some personal information may be disclosed via certain third-party cookies and tags on the Allied Universal and Peoplemark websites. The CCPA includes these disclosures in its definition of a “sale.” In order to opt out of this activity, please visit and By submitting a do-not-sell request through the below form, we will add you to our do-not-sell list in the event Allied Universal or Peoplemark begin “selling” information, as defined by the CCPA, in ways other than through digital advertising.

For general information about the sale of personal information and more details about your right to opt-out of any sale, please visit the Allied Universal Privacy Policy (at, and the Peoplemark Privacy Policy (at

Agents: If you are an agent for a California consumer submitting a request, please complete this form, print out a copy, and email the form to us at along with your power of attorney or written authorization from the consumer who you represent authorizing you to serve as the consumer's agent for the purposes of exercising the consumer's rights under the CCPA. If you do NOT provide the signed authorization, we cannot honor any requests you submit on behalf of a consumer. We may contact the consumer to verify your authority and/or to authenticate the consumer.

Additional Questions: If you have questions about this webform, please contact us at If you do not wish to use this webform, you can submit your request by calling us at​​​​​​​ 855-592-6982 (toll free).

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We will send an automated acknowledgment of your request. If you do not receive confirmation of your request, please resubmit your form or contact us. After verifying your identity, we will process your request. If you have requested a copy of your information, we will provide that data via email or mail. Access and deletion requests may take up to 45 days to process.
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You have requested that we delete all of your personal information. Deleting your information will disable any accounts that you have created with any us and remove you from any marketing lists. Depending upon your relationship with us, you may not be able to log into your account or portal. We will maintain a record a record of your deletion request and include your email address on a suppression list. If you have registered a product with us, we will maintain your registration information for purposes of fulfilling the warranty and as permitted under applicable law.

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