Clery Center Videos

Clery Center Roll Call Videos Clery Center has collaborated with Allied Universal to develop five brief training videos to use during roll call or other training times for public safety staff.

Watch or download the videos below and explore the companion materials to see how you can utilize them on your own campus.

Read the press releases on the partnership:

Allied Universal and Clery Center unveil video-based roll call training tools

Allied Universal and Clery Center Forge professional education partnership for improved campus security

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View the Public Safety Roll Call Trailer

Roll Call Videos

Trauma Informed Response

Overview of officer responses that help support someone experiencing trauma and result in better investigations.

Part of the Fabric

Reminding officers of their important role in the larger campus community.

Clery Act and CSAs

Overview of who is considered a “campus security authority” to help public safety officers understand where and how institutions of higher education learn about campus crime.

Sexual Violence

Overview complexities of campus sexual violence and the role of campus public safety in prevention and response.

Communicating with the Campus Community

Reminding officers of the importance of learning about and connecting with diverse populations in the campus community.



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