The World Security Report: A Launch Like No Other At The 2023 Global Security Exchange

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Allied Universal booth at GSX

On the first day of the 2023 Global Security Exchange(GSX), Allied Universal® wowed the crowd when it launched the first-ever World Security Report. The report, showcasing the thoughts and fears of 1,775 global chief security officers, is a game-changer for the industry by illuminating the impact of security and the need for security solutions around the world.

The Allied Universal World Security Report reveals that, survey participants reported losing more than $1 trillion in combined revenue in the last 12 months following a security incident, and one in four publicly listed companies saw a drop in their value.

“The security hazards and threats companies and communities have to navigate are growing more complex by the day,” said Steve Jones, global chairman and CEO of Allied Universal.

The groundbreaking report gave our GSX audience an inside look into how physical security threats, and others like economic unrest and internal threats, are evolving worldwide and how Allied Universal is providing the security solutions necessary to protect what matters most to our clients and communities.

“At GSX this year, we took the World Security Report another step; all attendees visiting the Allied Universal booth were asked what they think about the state of global security. Giving us an opportunity to compare their answers to those of the roughly 1,800 CSOs from around the world who participated in published report,” said Jim Haugsland, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Allied Universal.

The World Security Report empowered our visitors and clients to take their security program to the next level by examining where it may need improvement. At our booth we also offered a free risk review utilizing our Risk360® tool. With this tool, Allied Universal analyzes clients' unique security needs to identify the best potential combination of solutions.

Allied Universal is at the forefront of providing innovative security solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses and communities around the world. The company's Risk360 tool is just one example of its commitment to helping clients identify and mitigate their unique security risks.

If you are serious about protecting your business and community, then the Allied Universal World Security Report is essential reading. Download a copy today to learn more about the latest security threats and trends, and the solutions you need to protect what matters most.