Veteran Tait Reimers

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Tait Reimers - RVP of Operations, Allied Universal

Growing up, Tait always searched for the next challenge—looking for ways to better himself.  This is why he decided to join the U.S. Navy in 2001.  As a Navy SEAL, Tait was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia in the East Coast SEAL Teams for more than eight years.        

“My military experience has certainly contributed to my career at Allied Universal,” said Tait.  “The SEAL Teams helped shape aspects of my worldview and how I think about organizational issues and my approach to leadership.”                                                                        

For more than a year, Tait has worked for Allied Universal.  He first worked with the company on the client side at Tesla, and then ultimately took the opportunity to join the company working on the Facebook account as Regional Vice President of Operations.  Currently, he is focused on optimizing operations at Facebook and continues to learn about the security industry every day.

“At Allied Universal, I draw upon all of my business experiences including the military to be successful as a leader,” said Tait.  “Over the years, I’ve worked in Hollywood, transacted corporate real estate deals, built high level security programs, but my service in the SEAL Teams has instilled a profound concept—to embrace uncertainty and do what it takes to ‘adapt and overcome’ as we meet our challenges.”

Tait has served on the Navy SEAL Foundation committee and helped raise funds for the families of the fallen.  Today, he focused on his own foundation, the Tait Reimers Foundation, which brings value to transitioning military veterans from the special operations community.