Veteran Steve Lee

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Steve Lee

Steve Lee
General Manager, Allied Universal
United States Army & National Guard

Steve’s reason for joining the United States Army was two-fold: his sense of duty and his desire to give me back to his country. Steve also comes from a military family with ancestors that have served every generation since the Revolutionary War.

During his military career, Steve held a variety of assignments from M60a1 tank driver, gunner, tank commander, culminating in his last assignment as platoon sergeant.  Stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas and West Germany, Steve received a number of medals and citations including promotion to Sergeant when he was 20, and an Army Commendation Medal that he received as a tank commander at the age of 21 which demonstrated that his hard work and dedication to the U.S. Army was recognized.  

Entering the workplace after leaving the military offered Steve many challenges.

“I entered the workplace in the post-Vietnam “Cold War” era and veterans, for the most part, were not held in high regard nor understood by civilian society,” said Steve. “My biggest surprise coming out of the service, at the time, was that hardly anyone outside of the military had a concept of what we were doing to keep the United States free from communism.”

Steve Lee joined Allied Universal in January 1987.  He started his career at Allied Universal as a Field Supervisor and has been promoted to more senior roles including District and Regional Recruiter, Regional Trainer, Director of Operations, and Branch Manager for three branches including then start-up offices in Seattle, WA and Sacramento, CA.  Additionally, he spent 10 years as Vice President of Operations for Allied Universal’s National Accounts Division.  Currently, Steve serves as the General Manager for the San Jose/Silicon Valley market.

“The basic skills of how to wear a uniform, being on time, taking and following direction from your leadership and our customers was of paramount importance as I segued into the civilian workplace,” says Steve.  “Additionally, the supervisory skills that I acquired and practiced in the military prepared me for the leadership positions that I have been honored to receive at Allied Universal.”

Steve is active in a variety of Veteran’s non-profit associations including his local Veterans’ Assistance Committee. He also donates his time to various homeless veterans’ projects and serves as a “living history” advisor for the American Armory Museum in Fairfield, California. 

“I enjoy the people I work with at Allied Universal and the sense of team that the company fosters,” said Steve. “We are now entering an even more exciting time for growth within the security industry and, in particular, within Allied Universal.  Gone are the days of basic ‘guard management.’ The skills you learn here in every position are applicable and transferable internally.”