Veteran Peter Yeschenko

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Peter Yeschenko, Director of Security/Account Manager -- Retail  US Navy

Peter Yeschenko

Director of Security/Account Manager -- Retail

US Navy

When Peter Yeschenko was asked if he came from a military family, he just smiled and said definitely yes. His father served more than 26 years in the Navy and his wife is retired from the Navy with more than 22 years of service. In addition, all five of his uncles served in the military. With a longing to travel the world and serve his country, Peter joined the U.S. Navy at a young age serving more than 31 years. After being stationed in 18 different commands including Italy, Spain, Philippines, Japan, Kingdom of Bahrain and Hawaii, he retired as a Force Master Chief.

When Peter was promoted to Master Chief, he didn’t realize that only the top 1% of enlisted personnel in the Navy have received this promotion so he was truly honored. In addition, he was awarded five times the prestigious Meritorious Service Medal (MSM)-- another honor as only a small number of servicemen receive this award.

He definitely feels his experience in the military has influenced his career at Allied Universal. Six years ago, he joined the company as a Security Professional and was promoted several times before accepting the Director of Security position for a retail mall.

“My experience in the military definitely made me a better leader as I was responsible for leading 25,000 sailors and Marines and a war zone so I can handle all levels of stressful situations,” he said.

Peter believes that a career in the security industry is a perfect segue after leaving the military.

“In order to be successful at Allied Universal, you need to have the right mental attitude,” said Peter. “Being able to work with my officers and the opportunity to meet so many people at all levels makes me believe that I made the perfect choice by joining this company.”

Recently, during the riots, protesting and looting issues, Peter had the opportunity to work with local law enforcement to help safeguard his retail property. Due to the fact that his property was secured with no issues, he received personal commendation from the Assistant Zone Commander.

In his spare time, Peter frequently speaks at a variety of events through veteran non-profit organizations. In addition, through his Facebook military pages, he is a military historian with more than 5,000 followers.