Veteran Captain Bolling H. Brown

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Captain Bolling H. Brown - Site Supervisor and Post Commander, Allied Universal

Captain Bolling H. Brown

Site Supervisor and Post Commander

US Marine Corps.

Every day, Bolling Brown lives his life with the following motto: To always treat people as you want them to treat you and your family/friends. As a third generation veteran, he decided to join the U.S. Marine Corps following in his uncle and his brother’s footsteps. During his time in the military, he was a Weapons Range Instructor and Staff Non-Commissioned Officer for the 5th Marine Regiment in Camp Pendleton, California and was also stationed overseas. Bolling’s military service spanned four wars until he suffered a career-ending injury. He received the highest rank of Gunnery Sergeant before his honorary discharge from the Marines in 1990.

Bolling knew that working for Allied Universal was the perfect fit for him due to his vast military experience and the company’s unlimited opportunities to advance his career in the security industry. For more than 10 years, he has worked at Allied Universal starting out as a Security Professional and worked his way up to Site Supervisor/Post Commander. He was promoted to Captain and is now in charge of security for one of our top retail properties.

“Going from the military into the civilian workplace was seamless at Allied Universal,” said Bolling. “Everyone respects and listens to me especially during a crisis and constantly thanks me for my service.”

In 1990, he attended the Federal Law Enforcement Academy in Glynco, Georgia where he graduated with honors. In 2017, he was awarded a Letter of Appreciation from the U.S. Marshal Service for helping to capture a criminal.