Veteran Brenna Ray

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Brenna Ray, Veteran and regional recruiter for Allied Universal

Brenna Ray, Regional Recruiter/Veterans Specialist of Colorado & Utah

Army National Guard

9/11 -- The day that changed the world forever gave Brenna Ray her calling.  At the young age of six, she remembers watching the horrors of 9/11 on TV and she thought, “Somebody needs to do something to stop this evil from happening again. That someone could be me.” So she decided, when she was old enough, she was going to join the military to protect her country from terrorism.

Serving in the military wasn’t a new idea in her family as both of her grandfathers were in the military (Air Force/Navy). Also, her brother and one of her cousins also joined the Army.

As a regional recruiter for Allied Universal, Brenna is still actively serving in the Army National Guard. Over the last five years, she has served as an Artillery-Man, a High Mobility Artillery Service Crewmember and a Gunner on a rocket launcher. She also completed a 9-month rotational deployment to Turkey, Iraq and Kuwait.

“My unit made Colorado history as being the first in the National Guard to deploy for a special mission and the best part is that we successfully returned with no casualties,” said Brenna.  “I am extremely proud and honored to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of men and women.”

The depth of leadership experience Brenna brings to Allied Universal is directly linked to her skills as a sergeant in the Army.

“Allied Universal offers a family-like environment, just like in the military,” said Brenna. “You joke, laugh and struggle together.”

In a few months, she will be celebrating her one-year work anniversary. She definitely sees recruiting in the security industry as her career path and is looking forward to enhancing her skills to move up the corporate ladder.