There for Our Veterans® - Robert “Powl” Smith

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Robert “Powl” Smith, Enterprise Accounts Portfolio Manager U.S. Army

Robert “Powl” Smith, Enterprise Accounts Portfolio Manager
U.S. Army

Robert “Powl” Smith is a celebrated military combat vet and Enterprise Accounts Portfolio Manager who uses leadership skills developed in the U.S. Army to manage some of Allied Universal’s largest accounts. Smith’s 30-year career serving the country gave him the experience needed to understand the difference between merely being a manager and being a leader.

“Managers are not necessarily leaders. Managers manage resources; leaders lead people,” he said. “Managers get trapped in the office doing reports and corporate process requirements.  Leaders force themselves to get out and see their employees and sites -- not just lunch with the client -- and see ‘ground truth’.” 

Powl is a security operations expert responsible for maintaining large-client relationships. He is an expert in critical incident response, identifying security challenges and recommending solutions, he also ensures security personnel are properly trained and monitors contract compliance.

A graduate of the United States Military Academy West Point, Powl led artillery units, served in information operations roles and conducted operational and strategic planning in several locations worldwide. He also served in combat roles during the Kosovo and Iraq Campaigns, earning a Bronze Star for his combat actions during Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Powl also received a Humanitarian Service Medal for his efforts during recovery operations after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and southern Louisiana. Over his three-decade s of service, he climbed the commissioned officer ranks, attaining the rank of Colonel.

Practicing the same leadership skills that resulted in his success in the Army in his role at Allied Universal, Powl delegates responsibilities to his team, coaches them, praises their success and takes responsibility for their failures. 

“Achievement and failure are good life lessons and they are workplace lessons that improve people and employees,” he said.

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