Security Patrol: Random Pattern, Well-Planned Strategy

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Guard In Security Vehicle

Random and strategic make a good marriage for effective security patrol services. The pattern that security patrols employ should be varied and random; however, the approach and purpose should be strategic.

Most organizations are concerned about their facility when it is unoccupied which is generally overnight and on the weekends. A good security strategy when a full security team is not needed after hours is a well-planned patrol service that is conducted by experienced security officers and tailored to the needs of the location. 

  • Visible Presence - A visible security presence that can deter unlawful activity. For example, teenagers who seek to congregate at an office park are less likely to adopt your location for “party central” if security patrols are in the area. The patrol presence can also be supported with signage that states the facility is patrolled. 

  • Random Patterns – Patrols should be conducted at random times and patterns so that loiterers or others engaged in suspicious activity never know when security will be present, making the location less likely to be victimized. 

  • Beyond Patrol – Depending on the property and security requirements, the patrol officer can leave their vehicle to check gates, doors and windows and address challenges. 

  • Immediate Reporting – Technology solutions allow patrol officers to record and electronically report on site conditions and observations immediately. 

  • Cost-Effective – Not every organization can afford, nor is it always necessary to have, a security team present around the clock. Visible patrols provide effective deterrence without full-time staff.

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  About the Author 
  David Silvey is the Senior Vice President for the Northeast Region at Allied Universal.