Retain a Quality Security Team – 5 Key Steps

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Does this scenario sound familiar? You relied on your security services provider to hire the best staff and ensure everyone received the right training. But a handful of them have already quit and moved onto the next company, leaving your facility’s security at risk. New security professionals are being hired and trained, but the gap in security has you feeling uneasy. Your expectation was that you would have a consistent security presence.

There is never a guarantee that an employee is going to stay in a position for any length of time, but there are ways to help avoid a high rate of turnover with your security team. From proper recruiting and competitive wages, to training and recognition, specific actions can make an impact. Turnover doesn’t have to be the standard for your security program if you work with a security provider who properly cares for employees and understands your ultimate goals. 

There are five key steps that you can take to help avoid unnecessary turnover within your security team: 

1. Partner with a quality security provider. 
2. Identify your staffing needs and desired skills so that you can recruit the right team for you. 
3. Ensure that ongoing and industry and site-specific training is provided.
4. Build strong relationships – that include the security team – with all of your stakeholders. 
5. Value your security officers and recognize their accomplishments and contributions. 

Retention of a quality team is critical to your security success. The security professionals at your facility should be a trusted force. When your employees and stakeholders see and interact with the same individuals repeatedly, there is a higher level of confidence and trust – and a greater understanding of your commitment to a safer and more secure environment.

To learn more, read this best practice in our Security Resource Center: Five Ways to Avoid High Security Officer Turnover.


  About the Author
DelMar Laury is the MidAtlantic Region President for Allied Universal.