Protecting with Dedication and Devotion

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security professional in vehicle

If a crisis occurs on your property or in your facility, who will be the first person on the scene? In many situations, the security officer often serves in this “go-to” role. These men and women can enhance your ability to recover and ensure the productivity, morale and safety of your employees, while protecting your brand.

A security officer’s dedication to the people, property, businesses and homes of our communities is paramount to an environment’s well-being. Whether it’s extinguishing a fire, coordinating an evacuation, or assisting emergency crews with logistics, security officers play a critical role in emergency response efforts. Security officers quickly learn your procedures, property and operations, and are trained to spot issues and respond. Their knowledge of the environment goes beyond guarding access points. The experience and engagement they share with stakeholders creates a high level of community and responsibility – a greater level of caring that compels security officers to move beyond their daily assignments and make a significant impact in an emergency.

Unpredictable events occur every day and preparedness is critical. Emergency response requires much more than a plan on paper. Drills, training and communication are essential – as are the people who can lead the effort. The centerpiece of any emergency response plan boils down to dedicated and highly trained individuals.

Security officers who understand your property, culture and emergency response plans are central to the coordination of an emergency response effort. This approach proved true at a campus in Florida where a security officer led a tremendous evacuation effort during a fire - knocking on 48 doors to ensure the students' safety!

About the Author 
Keith Kepler is is the Senior Vice President of the Southeast Region at Allied Universal.